Cheap Flights to Cebu, Philippines (PH) CEB


Cheap Flights to Cebu, Philippines (PH) CEB

Looking for a great adventure? Finding cheapest flight to Cebu, Philippines (PH) CEB?

We have great opportunities for you to visit the island of Cebu, one of Philippines' most iconic travel destinations and home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events. Even first time visitors to Cebu will quickly be enthralled by how fun and fascinating Cebu really can be. For those looking for a glimpse of the real Philippines, or just a fun night out, Cebu mixes old world charm with a modern and vibrant night life.

One of the largest islands in the Philippine archipelago, Cebu, Philippines (PH) CEB is surrounded by countless smaller islands - many of which are of interest to tourists. Cebu Island is characterised by lush jungle vegetation, spectacular limestone cliffs and plateaus, long stretches of white sand beaches and sparkling, clear blue waters.

Often called the “Queen City of the South” and the Seat of Christianity in the Philippines, Cebu, Philippines (PH) CEB is the country's oldest city. Exploring the city makes one encounter a rich historic past.

Cebuanos are extremely proud of their cultural and historical heritage, a legacy which has endured through the centuries from the time the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan first planted the cross on Cebu's shore. Since then, it has evolved into a highly urbanized metropolitan center which now serves as focal point of growth and development in Southern Philippines.

Many visitors are drawn to Cebu for scuba diving, and this features as one of the most popular activities on Cebu and Malapascua islands. Malapascua is without a doubt one of the finest dive spots in this part of the country, boasting colourful coral gardens and exotic marine life Tourists arrive in greater numbers each year to enjoy the natural wonders of this part of the country and the quality and range of accommodation options available. Cebu boasts some of the best hotels and resorts in the Philippines, with many of the finest located by the seashore.

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