Cheap Flights to Butuan, Philippines (PH) BXU


Cheap Flights to Butuan, Philippines (PH) BXU

Great adventures to Butuan, Philippines (PH) BXU

Butuan often graces the pages of history books. Known as one of the oldest settlements in the Philippines, its rich cultural heritage seduces travelers thirsty for ancient history.

Butuan City is located at the Northeastern part of Agusan Valley sprawling across the Agusan River is Butuan, Philippines (PH) BXU City, known for its colorful history and culture. BUTUAN is a term believed to have originated from the sour fruit “Batuan”.

Others opined, it came from a certain “Datu Buntuan”, a chieftain who once ruled Butuan. Scholars believed, it came from the word “But-an”, which literally means a person who has sound and discerning disposition. Whichever theories appear credible depends on the kind of people residing in Butuan, for whatever is said about them, Butuan continues to live on.

Butuan’s history, culture, arts and people date back to the 4th century as showcased in museums which makes Butuan an exciting source of cultural artifacts in Mindanao. Butuan City is known as the “Home of the Balangays”.The balangay, a form of ancient boat, is an iconic symbol of Butuan, Philippines (PH) BXU City especially because of its status as a port city and because these boats were excavated just across Masao River.

Butuan City is the commerce capital of the Caraga region. Though it’s highly industrialized and urbanized, the city itself remained dominantly historical. Making the whole City a must visit City in this side of the country.

A trip to Butuan City is never complete without tasting the palagsing. This native delicacy is a tasty treat, chewy and moist. It is made from young coconut, brown sugar, and what is locally known as unaw (lumbiya starch) which comes from palm trees.

Your travel to Butuan city will never be nerve cracking one. The City provides a convenient way for travellers to get there. You can reach Butuan City by any of the three means: By air, by sea or by land.

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