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Calle Calvo 140
Located at 140 calvo street one block from the main square of Sucre, next to Monteagudo square, opposite the church of Santo Domingo. Guests will find the nearest clubs around 1 km away. The bus station is some 3 km away. La Recoleta is around 15 minutes walk from the hotel. Parque Cretacico is roug
Parador Santa Maria la Real is located in the historic center of the city of Sucre, close to places of greater importance, cultural, tourist and sentimental. It is ideal for traveling with family, friends, or business travelers as it is a cozy and suitable for any taste. At your disposal is the Spa
Calvo 237 (Frente A Museo Sta Clara)
This hotel is located in the historical centre in the main tourist area, right next to the Museo Santa Clara, 100 m from the Museo Indigena Textil and just 200 m from the nearest restaurants, bars and shops. The Casa de la Libertad and the Museo Antropologico are also only 200 m away and it is 250 m