How To Choose Where To Go For Easter Break

Easter is a great time to get away. The winter always seems to have dragged on and a little sunshine can really lift your spirits.

But what if you don’t want to go the long distance just to get the heat? Fortunately, there are a variety of destinations in Europe which can be just as satisfying and offer you a taste of sunshine.

Take your pick of these ideas for where to go for Easter break:

The Canaries

All of the Canaries are beautiful and will still be enjoying the sunshine. They are just 4 – 5 hours from the UK and you’ll be in a different world.

Lanzarote is the best choice for families and is the least developed, but all are a good bet.


Cyprus is known for its sunshine and is generally seen as the mildest place in the Med. The temperature starts to rise in March and April when the flowers are also at their best.

The people are very friendly and the temperatures should be in the early 20’s.


This is one place that is often too hot to visit in the summer but it is perfect when choosing where to go for Easter break. With temperatures in the late 20’s, you won’t want to return home!


Easter is the traditional time for Seville’s Holy Week celebrations which makes it very difficult to find accommodation. But this is not so much of an issue on the coast where you can enjoy temperatures in the early 20’s as well as take a dip in the sea.


This beautiful country offers 20° sunshine, turquoise seas and green vegetation. It’s the perfect time to visit this piece of paradise.

Malta & Gozo

Both of these destinations are great to go for Easter Break. They offer temperatures in the early 20’s and a host of interesting attractions for all the family.


You won’t get a beach holiday if you choose to go for Easter break here but you will get an idyllic countryside and some fascinating towns.

It’s a great place to explore!


As we move more in a northerly direction you will reduce your chances of good sunshine but the likelihood is that you’ll still see plenty of sun.

This is, after all, a taste of the best of France.


This is the place to visit for fine cuisine. There might not be much else on offer other than some sunshine but it’s a great place just to get away too.


You’ll find some of the most impressive ruins here from Roman and Greek times. The sun should be shining, temperatures will be around 20 and the culture, food and nightlife are all top quality.