Entertainment When You Travel With Kids

Let’s face it; the thought of sitting in an airport lounge for several hours is tedious. But when you’re about to travel with kids it’s simply horrific.

Children simply don’t have the patience to sit quietly for hours on a time. It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting for military flights to arrive or to board a plane to somewhere exotic. You need a way to keep your children amused and make the travel with kids experience bearable:

Watch The Events

You probably already like to people watch. It’s possible to create a back story for every person that passes through the airport; although it’s generally easier if they’re coming off a military flight!

Turn this into a game to help keep your kids entertained.

You pick one person and each of you has to say a part of the story as to why they are travelling. The story needs to be backed up by the facts; what they are carrying or how they look.

Look Out For Pups

There’s a good chance that one of the “Pet Me!” pups will be touring the airport. They are there to get hugs from your kids and help ease the burden of travel with kids!

Make the most of the opportunity but be ready for the puppy requests afterwards!

Take In The Art

You may be surprised at how much art is hanging in the airports across the US. Use your cell phone to locate several of the pictures in the airport and then challenge your children to find them, the winner gets a prize!

Kids Area

If you’re lucky while you’re either enjoying your travel with kids or waiting for military flights you’ll find there is a play area in the airport.

This can help to pass 30 minutes to an hour while you enjoy a coffee; or perhaps something a little stronger.

Go Shopping

If your kids enjoy looking around the shops and buying a few additional souvenirs then you will find this is a great way to pass the time. However, if your vacation budget is running low you can turn this into a game; challenge your children to find the best gift for a set price and see what they come up with.

Ride The Train

Several of the largest airports have internal transport systems that take you above the airport allowing you to enjoy the view of military flights arriving and commercial airlines.

Simply hop on with your kids and see the sights while you wait to endure the flight itself; another joy of travel with kids!