Ready To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Discover Where You Need To Go With Your Military Flights!

You are probably familiar with Cinco de Mayo. It is the celebration of how 4,000 Mexican soldiers beat twice as many French invaders in 1862.

The date was 5th May and the day is a public holiday. You’ll find parades, food and of course tequila. But, if you get the time off where does your military flight discount need to take you to enjoy the most authentic experience?

Albuquerque – New Mexico

Here you’ll find the authentic celebration of Mexican culture, music and the arts. You can even adopt a Chihuahua!

Chicago – Illinois

There are many festivals worth visiting in the windy city but this is one of the best. There is music, food, culture and child-friendly activities.

Denver – Colorado

You’ll find 400,000 people here enjoying the live Mexican region. The music ranges from Latin to salsa, jazz and even Tex-Mex.

Omaha – Nebraska

Food, music and a queen to be crowned mark this out as one of the best ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Phoenix – Arizona

The desert offers a huge array of opportunities to experience this important public holiday. Take your pick or challenge yourself to visit as many different ones as possible.

Minneapolis – Minnesota

Try salsa like you’ve never imagined it before in the annual tasting festival. This is not all you’ll be able to taste when you take a military flight here!

Enjoy the parade, try out the sports zone or let the children enjoy their own miniature party while experiencing craft and history.

Reno – Nevada

This is one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the US with over 100,000 visitors. The party spirit is enhanced by Latino music and an array of food booths.

San Antonio – Texas

Visit Market Square and enjoy several concerts, music and food as well as an array of commemorations.

San Diego – California

Try San Diego or even San Francisco to experience entire neighbourhoods celebrating this momentous day. You can find culture, health screenings, wrestling and even a Mission Dolores tour.


Surprisingly Mexico offers less of a celebration that the United States. But, it is still worth using your military flights discount to visit Puebla; the place of the original victory.

There are a huge parade and a re-enactment of the battle.

While not everyone takes the day as a holiday you’ll be glad you experienced it in the place where it all began.