Discover The Best Destinations For Spring Break 2018

Spring break has become known as the best time of the year to party but there is actually a method to this apparent madness. The stress of study and winter takes its toll on every student. Spring break provides the opportunity to de-stress and refocus before the final exams.

Now all you need to do is choose the right destination:


Enjoy white sandy beaches and one of the best nightlife scenes anywhere in the world. There is always a party atmosphere and something to do in this incredibly friendly part of the world.

All inclusive deals and the Mayan ruins just add to the delights!

Miami Beach

This is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the world and with good reason! Whether you just want sand, a little sea or the party of a life time; you’ll find it here!

As an added bonus the Ultra Music Festival and Gay Pride are an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

South Padre Island

In March this budget friendly destination is a mecca for students across America. It has a real buzzing atmosphere; there are parties happening everywhere.

This just proves that Texas knows how to party!


The Bahamas can be likened to Las Vegas but with a Caribbean feel. This is an event not to be missed! Gamble and party until you’re ready to drop or run out of funds!

Cabo San Lucas

This Californian beauty spot offers the perfect balance between sand filled days and partying nights. You can’t help but unwind in a lace that feels very much like heaven!

Puerto Rico

This is another way to experience the Caribbean without needing to travel there. You’ll love the clear waters and sandy beaches. But you might be surprised by just how intense the partying gets as you travel through the night.

You can even lend a hand with hurricane relief if you feel capable!

Puerto Vallarta

This is the place to test your salsa skills. You can enjoy the finest cocktails and foam parties while appreciating the beauty of the sea and the golden beaches.

There’s nothing not to like!

Punta Cana

You won’t find an abundance of night spots here but there are plenty of all inclusive deals which attract likeminded souls. You can party every night away without having to worry about low funds, while enjoying the company.


If you’re after a little reggae rather than the traditional sounds of spring break then you’ve chosen the right spot!

Jamaica has the best beaches, an impressive array of food and a chilled out vibe that will see you chilling right through the summer.

Panama Beach

This is a top spot on Florida’s Gulf coast and is considered to be the spring break capital of the world! You can party non-stop on one of the 27 miles of beaches and, if you have the energy even enjoy boat trip with dolphins!