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Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages of using is the significant cost savings it offers. Military members and veterans can access discounts that are not available to the general public, making travel more affordable.

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The platform simplifies the booking process, allowing users to search for flights, compare prices, and make reservations with ease. This convenience is especially valuable for military members who may have unpredictable schedules.

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Exclusive Deals negotiates exclusive deals with airlines, ensuring that its users have access to the best airfare rates. This includes discounts on both economy and business class flights.

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Support for Families understands the importance of family connections for military personnel. It offers options for family members to accompany military travelers at discounted rates, fostering stronger bonds and connections.

Introduction is a trusted and reputable online resource that caters specifically to the unique travel needs of military personnel and veterans. is a premier online platform dedicated to providing military personnel, veterans, and their families with exclusive access to military discount flights, ensuring affordable and hassle-free travel experiences. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the key aspects of, including its mission, services, benefits, and relevance in the world of military travel.

This platform has garnered widespread recognition for its commitment to delivering substantial military flight discounts, exceptional airfare deals, and comprehensive travel assistance. It is a one-stop destination for those looking to embark on journeys within Europe and beyond.


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Key Services and Features

  • Military Discount Flights: At the core of's services are its military discount flights. It partners with major airlines to offer exclusive discounts to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. These discounts extend to both domestic and international flights, making it easier and more affordable for military members to visit their loved ones or explore new destinations.
  • Flights for Military Personnel: recognizes the unique travel requirements of military personnel, including last-minute deployments or relocations. The platform is equipped to handle such scenarios, ensuring that military members can secure flights quickly and efficiently.
  • Veterans' Benefits: Beyond catering to active-duty personnel, extends its services to veterans, acknowledging their sacrifices and contributions to the nation. It offers them the same exclusive discounts and benefits, enabling veterans to enjoy well-deserved travel experiences.
  • Comprehensive Travel Resources: goes the extra mile by providing a wealth of travel-related information and resources. Visitors can access valuable tips, guides, and insights on travel planning, packing, and navigating through airports. This comprehensive approach ensures that military travelers are well-prepared for their journeys.



Richard Stephens

Jul 05, 2024

Their offer of no-questions-asked cancellation insurance exclusively for military personnel is excellent, as we often need to make last-minute changes. We also love their military fares on Alaska Airlines and the extra luggage allowance!


Irving Baker

May 16, 2024

I appreciate their service and their good Military Only fares with Southwest.


Wesley Levy

June 22, 2024

First time buying here. Easy to navigate website and great price for tickets. I will totally buy here again. Thank you Reason I chose this business: Discounted ticket Reason I chose this product: Need affordable ticket Quality



June 23, 2024

Good service. My experience with MilitaryFares was exceptional. The booking process was seamless and I'm very satisfied with the service and will definitely use it again for my future travels. Quality