Frequently Asked Questions

1. I booked twice by mistake.
| No problem. We will cancel the duplicate booking and the pending payment will be released as well.
2. I need an invoice and proof of purchase.
Go to the website and sign in with your Booking Number (Trip Locator) and your last name. When your itinerary shows up on the upper right side you see the link "invoice", click on this link and you can download your invoice as a pdf file.
3. What is a Trip Locator, Record Locator, or Booking Number?
Its all the same, its a 6 digit combination of letters and numbers or letters only. This is your unique code for your booking. This code is produced by the Central Reservation System and identifies your booking on's website. Airlines may use another booking number for your reservation. This can be found under the itinerary page under Airlines Confirmation Number.
4. I want a copy of my booking confirmation page.
Just go to the website sign in with your Booking Number (Trip Locator) and your last name. When your itinerary shows up on the upper right side, you see the link confirmation page. Click on it and you can download a copy of your confirmation page.
5. I wanted to see my eticket but when I click on the link it says your eticket is under process.
We do not issue the tickets right away. One of our Travel Agents makes sure that everything is correct, after this is done we can issue your eticket. Depending on our workload this can take between 3 to 21 hours after we initially confirmed your booking.
6. Who is entitled for military discounts? What is a valid military ID?
| You are entitled for discounts as long as you are on ACTIVE DUTY and have a valid military ID to show if requested. Traveler should have a valid military id. A valid Military ID is an identity document issued by the United States Department of Defense to identify a person as a member of the Armed Forces or a member's dependent, such as a child or spouse. Dependents should add the information of the military. Retired military can book through our other website which is
7. Can I do an Online Check In?
If the airline supports online check in you may do this directly on the airlines own web site. Our Booking Number / Trip Locator and the one of the airline may be different. If so, you will find the Airlines Confirmation Number on your eticket.
8. Can you help me and do the booking for me?
| No sorry. We only offer online bookings as we are an online booking travel agency so all bookings should be done by the customer personally on the website.
9. Where can I review my booking?
You may review and print the itinerary/ticket through this link Click on my booking. Please put the booking number and last name in the space provided.
10. How can I check if there have been any time changes?
Very important! Go as often as you can and check under:, enter your Booking Number and your last name to check if the timings are still the same. As soon as an airline makes a change, this will be instantly reflected on that website.
11. Can I change the name on the flight ticket or transfer it to another person?
No, name changes are not possible. It is important that the name on the ticket exactly matches the name on the passport or ID. Even name corrections cannot be made once the ticket is issued. If another person is traveling or the name is not correct it may require the purchase of a completely new ticket. The old ticket is in most cases not totally nonrefundable.
12. Can I request wheelchair assistance at the airport and on board?
Yes, this is possible on most flights. Please send your request after you have received your trip locator:
13. Can I order special meal?
Yes, you can place special meal requests during the booking process or after booking: Free meal service is available on many international flights.
14. I ordered a flight ticket and received a trip locator number. When will my credit card be charged?
The credit card will normally be charged within 24 hours after your booking is placed.
15. I received a trip locator number. Is my flight ticket confirmed?
The flight ticket will be issued after you have received the trip locator number. This usually does not take longer than 3-24 hours. The purchase is finalized and confirmed when we have issued the ticket. You will receive a second email message when we issue the ticket, although you may also see your status when going to
16. What is the airline reference or airline confirmation number?
The airline reference (Airlines Confirmation number) is the internal booking number of the airline. When you speak to the airline directly, please give them the airline reference number for faster access to your booking. You can find this number by looking at your itinerary:
17. Can my children travel alone?
Yes, under some circumstances the airlines allow children to travel alone. For general information on this topic, see this page: But please make sure you contact the airlines website as well. Airlines individual restriction my vary from this standard inormation.
18. Can I make a reservation and pay later?
No, Your credit card will be authorized immediately, and is charged when the ticket is issued (within 24 hours).
19. I made a mistake when making my booking, what do I do?
No Problem if you correct this right away. There is a time gap of a few hours between your reservation and the issuance of the ticket where we can cancel your booking free of charge. As soon we receive your message via: we will cancel your booking so you can make a new one. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US AN EMAIL! THIS WILL ONLY WORK WITH OUR SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM!
20. I am confused with the terms Trip Locator, Booking Number, and Airline Confirmation Number.
A Trip Locator is a booking registration code of a 6 digit combination of Letter and Numbers. This code is given by the Central Reservation System. At the same time, this number is your booking number with Sky-tours. The airline will also issue you a separate confirmation number. If you look at your itinerary ( you can find this confirmation number. If you need to contact the airline, they will need this number in order to find your booking on their computer system.
21. How do I see if there are any time changes after i purchased my ticket?
If the airline changes the flight times they send a message to the central computer system. Our link: is directly connected with this system and you will always see the latest information regarding your flights.
22. Can the airline cancel my flight after purchase?
In very rare circumstance airlines may cancel flights. By going to our website: you can always stay informed about the status of your booking.
23. Who tells me when a flight is cancelled or when flying times have changed?
It's your obligation! We offer only passive notification support (unless you are a Gold Member). We therefore encourage you to look at your itinerary as often as you can. It is available 24/7 under:
24. I need to cancel my flight.
Most of the tickets sold online are special fare tickets which either do not allow refunds at all (non refundable) or have a very high cancellation fee. If you are not protected by our cancellation protection you may send us a request. For any refund charges a refund fee of $50 per ticket. More information can be found on our Rules and Regulations via our support system to find out if you can expect any refund should you need to cancel your booking.
25. I need to change my flight.
Most of the tickets sold on the internet have a very restricted change policy or simply do not allow any changes. If your ticket needs to be changed, the airlines generally charge a change fee in addition to any fare difference between the current price for the ticket compared with what you originally paid. For any change charges a change fee of $50 per ticket. If you need a change, please contact us via our support: More information can be found on our Rules and Regulations.
26. When I wanted to complete the booking, the system says there is a multiple booking
This is an alert when our database finds a similar booking. If this is not the case, just ignore this warning and go on with your booking.
27. If my son/daughter starts the trip as an infant and comes back as a child, what should I book?
If your son/daughter starts the trip as an infant and comes back as a child, so birthday is during the trip, you must book him as a child. Airlines require the same type of passenger to be booked for both ways. Same happens from a child to an adult. Please consult with our customer support or the airline for any doubts.
28. Online Check In
Many airlines let you check in online, but please be aware that our System Trip Locator is NOT the confirmation code used by the airline. You will find this number on your original booking. Go to the website, sign in with your Booking Number (Trip Locator) and your last name. On that itinerary, you will see the Airlines Confirmation Number you have to use for online check in.
29. I don't see any eticket issued but the money has already been charged.
When you make a reservation we do not charge you, we only take out an authorization on your Credit Card. When the tickets is issued (which happens between 3-21 hours after your reservation) your Credit Card will be charged.
30. I am a Spouse/Dependent , what information do I have to enter into my booking?
When giving the final details, you will be asked for Military ID, Branch, and Installation/Base, - please give the details of the active member. As Rank, please enter your relationship.
31. I booked a one way ticket but I received a roundtrip ticket.
Our state of the art booking engine uses artificial intelligence to mimicking a real travel agents search in finding the best fare and connection(s). If you were searching for a one way airfare and our booking engine determined this fare would be higher than a round-trip, our system books and issues a round-trip instead. Only use the outbound ticket and ignore the return portion. THOSE SPECIAL ONE WAY FARES ARE STRICTLY NON REFUNDABLE!
32. What is a
A special round trip ticket is a combinations of 2 tickets. We sometimes have agreements with airlines at a special low price. This, in combination with another flight we can get you, is a cheaper airfare. We mark this as "Special Round Trip" and issue two or more tickets for your flight.
33. Why don't you have a Phone Number on your Web Site?
We sell worldwide and in over 30 languages. We prefer getting a written notice via our support ticket system. With offices both in the United States and in Europe we answer all support requests on a 24/7 basis within generally 8 hours of the request being sent, with potentially longer delays over weekends or Holidays. For an extremely urgent matter regarding your flight, please call the airline directly.
34. You show me one total price, but you actually charge my card 2 seperate times. Once for the ticket and once for the booking fee. Why?
We do this in the best interest of our customers, and as often we can. This is our way of being as transparent as possible. Our competitors include their mark up for merchant fees in their single charge. To save you the surcharge of approximately 2%, we charge the ticket direct via the airline. Any additional separate charges you may see are made up of insurance and any other extras you may have purchased.
35. I paid for a seat assignment, how does it work?
Your seat assignment request if you have made one, is sent to the airline via our internal reservation system. We transmit your preferences to them: aisle or window. The airline than assigns seats accordingly to your request. You are unable to choose either your seat number or a row selection. Skytours does not guarantee this - this is only a request service.